Posted by: ham8cheese | November 17, 2009

dough know whatcha talkin’ about

Hey, just because I’m eating low-carb doesn’t mean I can’t make pizza dough, right??

Tonight I made a batch of dough following Peter Reinhart’s recipe for Napoletana Pizza Dough, out of the book Mr. Pigtales gave me as a gift for our first anniversary last June (The Bread Baker’s Apprentice). It was substantially easier than pie – I just weighed and mixed up all the ingredients, and let our Kitchenaid mixer do its dough-hooky magic. Half of the dough is now hanging out in the freezer for future pizza usage, and half is resting in the fridge for homemade pizza night this Friday.

I am betraying my yuppie-ness by swooning over the Kitchenaid, but it has definitely streamlined my dough-kneading process. Pre-Kitchenaid, it used to take me 30+ minutes of hand-kneading to get the dough to pass the windowpane test, sadly raising actual concerns that my hands would fall off (in which case I really would need a hook). Post-Kitchenaid, I can sit there eating bonbons while the dough practically kneads itself . . . I just have to be careful that all my drooling over the Kitchenaid doesn’t compromise the moisture ratio of the dough (Michael Ruhlman would NOT approve!).

Stay tuned for a full report from Friday pizza night to see how the dough turned out…



  1. […] and I had our pizza night tonight, with the help of some Cab Calloway on the stereo and the dough I had prepared earlier in the week from Peter Reinhart’s recipe.  I was a bit skeptical about how the crust would turn out […]

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