Posted by: ham8cheese | November 10, 2009

why can’t we all get gay married and get along?

gay married

Boo on Maine. And, of course, extended boo on California, including the California Supreme Court. (And a special boooo-oriented shout-out goes to Criswell & Associates, the SF-based marketing firm that apparently sold its soul to the anti-gay marriage devil for $700K, having designed the marketing campaign that helped repeal same-sex marriage in Maine.)

Luckily, while the heathens in Maine and California are busy kicking puppies, there are at least a few last civilized stops in the U.S. to consider before picking up and moving to Canada:

Connecticut, Iowa, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont are some good options.

Don’t get me wrong – I am not giving up on California (or on Maine, either, for that matter). In fact, I think the best wedding present any California-dweller can give these days is a gift donation to one of the various groups working to overturn Prop 8 (one of which is the ACLU LGBT Project). And, although I was a bit suspicious of former Dubya Bush Solicitor General Ted Olson‘s involvement in the federal lawsuit to overturn Prop 8, I am keeping my albeit-cynical-fingers crossed that the waters will part and gay couples everywhere will be allowed safe passage into the land of marital bliss (or non-bliss, as it were – if you’re in the Bible Belt, ironically land o’ some of the highest divorce rates in America).

I continue to have straight-person guilt, and rightly so, for being able to marry my sweetheart, when so many others can’t. That guilt is not assuaged by the fact that Mr. Pigtales and I got hitched during the few months of 2008 when gay marriage was legal in California.

But the polling on gay marriage gives me hope that we will whoop Prop 8’s arse one day soon – notwithstanding the recent setback in Maine. In the meantime, stay inspired – and I’ll see you in the streets.


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