Posted by: ham8cheese | November 9, 2009

it’s an unsmall world after all

I thought I would take a moment to ponder a few of the indignities associated with being less than tall. Consider:

  • First, there are the hemming bills to contend with (anyone else out there considering taking on a part time job to pay for all the alterations? Let’s form a club.). Why are designer jeans always a foot too long? Seriously, I’ve never seen a giraffe wearing Citizens of Humanity. And let’s not even talk about the aesthetic challenges that occur when the intended knee area of said designer denim ends up at your ankle, post-tailoring.
  • Not only do we walk in pools of unwanted denim fabric, but short women apparently have an increased risk of injury from airbag deployment. A friend of mine (who is probably about 5’4″) got a sprained wrist this summer from an airbag that deployed too forcefully during a 10-mph bump to the car she was riding in. It’s unclear whether her hem length contributed to the injury.
  • As mentioned in a recent post, petite women like me either have to make due with a behemoth bicycle, pay for a custom frame, or ride a bike marketed to kids. Perhaps I’d be wise to shop for jeans in the kids’ department too.
  • Short people earn lower salaries than tall people. Yep, you heard me right. According to one study, each inch of extra height amounts to a salary increase of approximately $789 per year. This seems particularly unjust, given that, as we’ve already established above, short people are the ones who need the extra money. Jeez, $789 could go a long way in terms of tailoring costs, medical bills, and custom bike shopping. Boo.

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