Posted by: ham8cheese | November 4, 2009

“swine so fine”

pigWith me being a non-Southerner, pork rinds were really never on my list of favorite foods.  I mean, what is a pork rind, really, anyway?  It’s a sort of puffy, crunchy thing, with the pig ingredient somewhat unapparent.  My pork-rind-ambivalence, however, dissipated in an instant one day at Bloodhound in SOMA when I reached my little hand into a big silver bowl filled with these light, puffy, crispy things and dared to take a bite.  Eyes closed.  The room quieted.

It was sweet.  It was salty.  And it was sooooooo good.  It literally just kind of disintegrated into my mouth, becoming one with the rest of me, leaving a sticky, yummy residue of, well, pig fat.  Is crack this good, I wondered?

I was at one of Ryan Farr’s events for yuppie foodiots, surrounded by people dive-bombing fantastically yummy plates of steak and burgers.  Yet the silver bowls filled with Ryan Farr’s heavenly chicharrones sat there quietly and patiently, ignored by the crowds.  Losers, they.  Losers, they.


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