Posted by: ham8cheese | November 3, 2009

I heart biking

Today marked my 2nd official day as a bicycle commuter, and I am loving it.  What took me so long?  Well, long story short, until recently the last time I had gotten on a bike was during a different decade, one in which grunge was in and the 80’s were more fashion nightmare than fashion genius.  So the first time my hubby (Mr. Pigtales) and I went for a ride in Golden Gate Park, I was literally hyperventilating every time a car passed me by on my rental bike.  So it’s been a long, slow, road, but well worth it.

Mr. Pigtales, a crafty husband and longtime fantastic cyclist, helped nudge me along by buying me a cute red bicycle helmet for my birthday earlier this year.  (No pressure or anything.)  Somehow, that led to me buying a beater bike on craigslist, a boring blue Giant Cypress DX.Giant Cypress DX

I rode that thing doggedly down Page Street to the Panhandle and the Park most weekends, and somehow along the way I found myself loving watching the world go by on a bike, and forgetting the previously scary cars around me.  All this even though I hated that bike.  And even though for a while there I made every left turn by dorkily crossing the street like a pedestrian (when the choice is between being traffic roadkill and arriving at your destination, is there really any question??).   Dreadhead hipsters in drum circles are so much more fun to watch when they’re blurring by at a couple miles an hour, don’t you think?

Fast forward to today, and there I was zipping down Market Street on an awesome new road bike that I LOVE LOVE LOVE, dodging MUNI buses and cabs.  Mr. Pigtales, the best hubby ever, was like my personal Market Street bike bodyguard, ensuring my safe passage to my nonprofit office.   What I find especially fun is the anticipation of getting to ride my bike in the morning and evening – it’s not commuting – it’s FUN!   Wheeeeee.

To be continued: the saga of my search for the perfect bike.


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